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Disaster Recovery Solutions

A Reliable Disaster Recovery Solutions Company, India

155264065Are you anxious about seamless functioning of disaster recovery, high availability collocation, work site recovery or secondary site?

TECHiNDIA is an all-embracing Disaster Recovery Solutions service provider, delivering complete backup, IT disaster recovery and data protection for enterprises of every size.

TECHiNDIA is the vital component in implementing a sound business stability management program, creating a more resilient organization and enabling a smarter recovery to business as usual. Our expert technical team comprising of engineering, data processing, operations and maintenance specialists develops best-in-class backup, data protection, disaster recovery and migration products and services for virtual, physical and hybrid environments.

Our Key Disaster Recovery Services

  • High Availability Collocation: Reduce the chances of downtime of your main business apps and database
  • Online File Backup Solutions: Online backup solutions to recover emails, customer databases, accounts, websites and document storage
  • Re-locatable Recovery Services: Substitute computer equipment delivered and installed at your designated site
  • Fixed Site Recovery Services: Complete access to your systems via a Recovery Centre
  • Mobile Recovery Services: A out-and-out mobile computer room delivered to your designated site
  • Dedicated Recovery Services: An advanced solution for when any down-time is critical and must be avoided
  • Workplace Recovery Services: supports your workplace when disabled by power failure, fire or industrial action.
  • Carrier-Neutral Network Access: Provide high-performance networking alternatives for highest reliability and redundancy.
  • Real-time Replication: Collect, convert, enhance and replicate data in real-time.

Big Benefits of Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Apollo-Service-ContinuityProtected Off-site Data
  • Economical online storage in the cloud
  • Effortlessness
  • Restore your business in short time
  • Secure online storage at surplus locations around the country
  • Maintain business as usual with the least impact on your day-to-day operations
  • Gives peace of mind that your data is secure
  • Decreases downtime
  • Trims down loss of service and returns

Why Choose TECHiNDIA for Disaster Recovery Solutions?

  • Access from any location: With TECHiNDIA have the benefit of getting secure access to company resources from any location irrespective of any device
  • In process monitoring for continuity of service: While creating & building a solution, we integrate it with your current IT department to extend automated daily backup.
  • Round-the-clock access to encrypted data: TECHiNDIA offers you instant access to restore lost data when you actually require it. Also protect online transfer of totally encrypted data with 24×7 Live Customer Support.
  • Automated daily online backup solution: Our solutions are for global clients of every shape and sizes, enabling off-site replication, performing perfect automatic database backups every day.
  • Fast online backup file recovery service: With our online data backup and disaster recovery service, you do not need any appliance, so you can rapidly and competently manage backup deployments, while reducing cost and time.

To know more about Disaster Recovery Solutions and our Online Backup Recovery Services India please get in touch with us now.