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Data Security Solutions

A Professional Data Security Solution Company, India

unisyssecurityindex1Are you anxious about your business data security threat or vulnerability?

TECHiNDIA is a renown Data Security solution provider solving data protection issues across a range of industries and makes use of cases for securing available data with encryption, controlling access and logging data around access to encrypted information.

TECHiNDIA has a Team of professionals with a target of becoming leaders in IT solutions and services and grabbing contracts from different corporate and enterprises, winning customer satisfaction with  technology solutions and better customer support.

Our Key Data Security Services

  • IT Security Services: Offers a wide-range of information security services from strategy via design, development, deployment and operations of security.
  • Mobile Security: Shelters your device from malware and protects it against loss and theft of the device and personal information.
  • Network Security: Puts off and monitor illicit access, exploitation, modification or denial of a computer network as well as network-accessible resources.
  • Data Security: Saving data, such as a database, from damage prone forces and from the redundant actions of illegal users or hackers.
  • Application Security: Prevents security errors in applications and guard them from external threats by using hardware, software and technical methods.
  • Endpoint Security: Provides instant protection for your enterprise endpoints lessening infections by directly securing endpoints from complications by deploying Antivirus or UTM (Universal Threat Management) solutions.
  • Security Management: Help you protect information assets against a variety of security threats.
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is used to perk up the ability to attain business goals.

Advantages of Data Security Services

  • Managing-Security-IncidentsStay in Line with Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
  • Allow Organizations to Meet Contractual Needs for Data Protection for Clients as well as Partners
  • Supports in Securing Intellectual Property & Financial Data
  • Secures Confidential Information from Data Breaches
  • Safety of Important Information
  • Staying Ahead of Competitors
  • Permeating Into New Markets
  • Client-centric Approach
  • Low Costs of Development
  • Interoperability of Software
  • Meeting Existing Standard

Why Choose TECHiNDIA for Data Security Solutions?

  • Elevated profitability: Our multi-skilled team is qualified in many corporate functions offering operational competence, saving you money and decreasing headcount at a time.
  • High standards: At TECHiNDIA, we are committed to going beyond your expectations and ensuring we proffer the highest standards of security for your satisfactions.
  • Collective goals: We demonstrate your values and principles and proffer a harmonizing experience so our staff is an extension of your team or operate with your philosophy and practices in mind each time.
  • Achieving your targets: With a dedicated monitoring and assessment of risk, we are capable to mock-up and test the impact of any organization or capability changes prior to execution to make sure that they do not bring in extra security risks, decreasing time and increasing the efficiency of routine management.
  • 24*7 Technical Assistance: TECHiNDIA offer round-the-clock technical assistance to its clients across the globe.

If you are looking for customize Data Security Services, look no further and contact us now!